Brand Profile


New Luxury, Urban, Avant-garde are a short definition
of LAKWILAI Brand with modern, masculine and
minimalist as characteristics.

Our women are the full grown who understands herself
quite well. She’s a hard-working one who is on the go
and desiring for the life achievement in a highest level.
She is smart, strong, talented but yet cultivated and
delicate. She is frankly and opens who loves working,
learning and traveling. Her normal life is mostly busy
with working and trying to set herself up to the better
position so she needs something that practical with a high
quality, great looking, and convenient suite to the rush
hour in a city life.

In her privacy, she is always dreaming of doing
something great that can change her life and inspires the
others. So in a day off, she can be seen working in a
non-profit organization or doing an art work near by the

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